Wachtzeit on Wednesday

Wow! It’s been a great first week so far. This time last Wednesday Lamia Fetzer, a member of the Wachtzeit development team, kicked off the project with her ‚Limes Sharing‘ event in Aalen. Lamia shared memories and stories of the Limes in her homeland of Tunisia. She told of how when she moved to Germany and discovered the Limes here too, it was an instant connection with home.

At the event Lamia shared Tunisian olives, oils and bread with participants. I recorded an audio interview with Lamia in which she talks about the inspiration behind this event, this will be shared on our social media platforms in the coming days.

The next big moment for our first week was our InstaLive launch on Saturday. We hosted this from multiple locations of Roman Heritage in Germany, the UK and Tunisia. It was really wonderful to put into practice the theory of our project, that local heritage sites can connect people on an international level. As Dr Nicole Deufel put it ‚we connected across borders using Roman heritage as our bridge‘. The live event ran for around 45 minutes and is still available to watch on the VHS Aalen Instagram page.

Our InstaLive from Aalen, Cologne, Haidra and York

Also on Saturday we launched the first of four social media challenges. „Visit a Roman Heritage site and share it with the world.“ So far we’ve had contributions from Germany, the UK and Spain. Make sure to take part in this challenge before the next one is announced on Saturday! You can share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok using #wachtzeit –

There is more than one way to take part in Wachtzeit. For more information click on one of the following:

For people in Aalen.

For people Elsewhere.

If you have any questions about the project just drop us an email info@vhs-aalen.de or contact us via social media @vhsaalen

That’s it for now! I will be back with another blog over the weekend, and another Wachtzeit on Wednesday next week.

Adam Ditchburn @adamandthemuses

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